Lojain Omran Before Surgery: The Journey of Self-Transformation

Lojain Omran Before Surgery

Lojain Omran Before Surgery : Lojain Omran was just an ordinary young Saudi woman living in Jeddah, pursuing her university studies like any other student. That is until her life changed forever when she decided to undergo a series of cosmetic procedures that utterly transformed her. She became famous on social media and made headlines for her extreme plastic surgery makeover. But who was Lojain Omran before she went under the knife and syringe? What propelled her down this path of dramatically altering her appearance?

Life as an Average Saudi Woman

Before becoming an internet celebrity, Lojain Omran lived a quiet life like most other women in Saudi Arabia. She grew up in a middle class family, having a standard upbringing for a girl from Jeddah in the 1990s and 2000s. In her youth, no one would have guessed she was destined for her meteoric rise to social media fame and infamy.

By all accounts, Lojain had a normal childhood. She was raised Muslim in a conservative family environment typical of the Kingdom. As a child, she displayed no unusual personality traits or behaviors to suggest what lay ahead in her future. Lojain attended local schools and universities to pursue higher education, as her family emphasized studying hard just like most Saudi families. She graduated university and began working an office job. To the outside world, Lojain Omran lived an ordinary life similar to countless other young Saudi women of her generation.

Lojain Omran Path to Plastic Surgery

While Lojain Omran lived a nondescript life growing up, sometime during early adulthood she developed the desire to pursue plastic surgery. What exactly inspired her decision remains unclear. Perhaps it was wanting to enhance her natural features that she deemed imperfect. Maybe the influence of celebrity culture and social media beauty standards played a role. Seeking a husband may have been a motivation as well in the hyper-competitive Saudi marriage market.

Whatever the reasons, Lojain developed a preoccupation with transforming her physical appearance in her twenties. This would lead her to eventually seek out cosmetic treatments to alter her looks. Like many others in society seeking plastic surgery, she likely felt changing her appearance would improve her life in some way. For Lojain, that path started with changing her facial features.

Lojain Omran Before Surgery – Her Natural Appearance

Before undergoing any plastic surgery, Lojain Omran looked like a typical pretty young Saudi woman. She had an oval face shape with full, rounded cheeks. Her nose was proportionate to her other facial features, with a sloped bridge and slightly wider tip. Lojain’s lips were average in size and thickness, her eyebrows natural and subtly arched. She had relatively small brown eyes for her face in contrast to their larger appearance later after procedures.

Overall, Lojain possessed a pleasant, attractive appearance without alterations, though not particularly remarkable. Her look blended in well with beauty norms for Saudi women. But while her natural facial features were perfectly fine, in her mid-20s Lojain decided she wanted to pursue a different look. This fateful choice marked the beginning of her drastic plastic surgery journey.

The First Procedures – Nose Job and Lip Fillers

After deliberating over plastic surgery for some time, Lojain took the plunge in her mid twenties. Her first procedures included rhinoplasty, commonly called a nose job, and lip fillers. These are two of the most popular cosmetic enhancements chosen by women globally. For Lojain, they marked her initial steps into the world of surgical and injectable treatments.

For her nose job, Lojain’s original slightly bulbous nose was transformed through reduction rhinoplasty procedures. The bridge of her nose was built up with implants or cartilage from elsewhere in her body. The surgeon also narrowed the width of her nasal tip and nostrils, giving her nose overall a thinner, streamlined shape. These changes made the nose appear longer and straighter on her face.

Lojain also received lip fillers containing hyaluronic acid. These were expertly injected along her lip line and into the body of her lips. The fillers added volume and a hint of a pouty shape. This gave her lips a fuller, more sensual plump appearance compared to their naturally thinner state. Her lip filler results would have looked natural at this early stage.

These first two common procedures started Lojain on the path to much greater surgical enhancements. Nose jobs and lip fillers whetted her appetite for the dramatic transformation to come.

Extreme Facial Contouring Reshapes Her Face

The most extreme changes to Lojain Omran’s face came after a series of surgeries to alter the actual shape and structure of her facial bones. Known as facial contouring or facial feminization surgery, these invasive procedures fundamentally transformed Lojain’s look.

She underwent multiple surgeries over a span of years to shave down her jawline, reshape her chin, and give her higher, more chiseled cheekbones. The cosmetic surgeon performed osteotomies and ostectomies, surgically removing or altering sections of bone to feminize and sculpt Lojain’s facial features. Her naturally oval, full face shape was narrowed and tapered into an unnaturally slim, heart-shaped facial structure.

Together with the nose job, these facial bone surgeries created a wholly new facial geometry. Her cheeks became defined and almost gaunt, her chin tapering to a delicate point, with an overall v-shaped face. These structural changes provided the foundation for her dramatic shift in appearance. The risks were also high, both during surgery and for potential issues like infection during recovery. But for Lojain, the rewards of a totally transformed face made it worthwhile.

Eyes Opened Wider Through Blepharoplasty & Brow Lifts

In addition to altering her actual bone structure, Lojain Omran pursued surgery to change the look of her eyes. Though already large and rounded, she opted for blepharoplasty surgery commonly known as an eyelid lift or eye tuck. This involved an incision into the eyelid folds to remove skin and tissue, opening her eyes wider. The surgeon also likely cut the eyelid retractor muscle to achieve an unnaturally round shape.

By removing excess skin and tissue from the upper eyelids, more of Lojain’s actual eyeballs became exposed. This gave them a much larger, almost bulging appearance compared to their natural almond shape. The lower waterlines of her eyes also became clearly visible, contributing to an enlarged look.

Multiple brow lifts were another surgery Lojain got to open her eyes wider. The surgeon made incisions in the brows themselves and forehead to lift the brows into a higher position. This also allowed even more visibility of her eye whites. The brows were likely trimmed and shaped as well.

To complete the eye enhancements, Lojain may have received Botox injections in the forehead and around the brows. This restricted muscle movement, locking them in a permanently raised position for that startled look. The surgical and injectable procedures together widened Lojain’s eyes for a hyper-feminine appearance.

Full Cosmetic Enhancement Arsenal – Makeup, Lashes, Contacts

To complement her surgical makeover, Lojain Omran also employed the full arsenal of cosmetic enhancements available. This included permanent makeup tattooing such as eyeliner, eye shadow, and sculpted brows. She wore colored contact lenses to make her eyes appear unnaturally light.

Lojain got lash extensions to accentuate her eyes, adding length and volume. She followed makeup trends like contouring to further refine her facial structure. Lipstick overdrew her lips and added to their plump look.Together these cosmetic enhancements amplified the effects of her surgical procedures for her extreme makeover.

Lojain’s Path Breaks Saudi Beauty Norms

The cumulative effect of all these facial feminization and enhancement procedures utterly transformed Lojain Omran from her natural looks into a plastic surgery-enhanced beauty. The quest to improve herself through cosmetic treatments ended up distorting her features into hyper-feminine, doll-like shapes. The result was a face unrecognizable from the ordinary young Saudi woman who started the journey.

In pursuit of this idealized appearance, Lojain abandoned cultural norms typically expected for Saudi women’s beauty. Traditional standards emphasize natural facial features and minimal or light makeup. Lojain’s extreme transformation clashed with these conservative Saudi ideals of beauty.

Yet through social media, she gained huge popularity and fashioned a new identity as an over-the-top plastic surgery idol. Her visually arresting appearance inspired both admiration and criticism from the public. This spotlight propelled the once ordinary Lojain into internet stardom and notoriety.


The story of Lojain Omran reveals how the pursuit of cosmetic perfection can transform someone beyond all recognition. Her exaggerated features epitomize society’s obsession with using plastic surgery and enhancements to attain physical ideals. Lojain’s makeover carries both positive and negative connotations regarding female beauty standards.

What began as a personal journey for one Saudi woman turned Lojain Omran into a viral sensation. Her dramatically altered face became iconic as both an inspirational goal and a cautionary tale. While her visual appeal increased through procedures, Lojain lost part of herself in the process. Her story reveals the extreme lengths people will go to change

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